Radio Frequency Facial

Facial Radiofrequency (RF) is ideal for those people who either don’t want, or don’t believe they are old enough to have a surgical procedure.

Radiofrequency improves the contour of the face and sculpts it, uses warm radiowaves to stimulate the collagen fibres, and "dramatically tightens and firms the neck, jaw line and décolletage, redefining the facial contours.

Improving skin tightness

Minimal risks and downtime 

Stimulates the production of collagen

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RF energy alone (such as Tripollar™ device) is primarily used to treat skin laxity by facial tightening, and is best suited to patients with mild to moderate sagging of facial tissues, usually those in their mid 30s to 50s, with any skin colour. It is commonly used to treat the forehead, under the eyes, cheeks, mid-face, jaw line, and neck. Based on current RF technologies, most people should see at least a mild improvement in their skin tightness, with minimal risks and downtime compared to surgery. Prices for radiofrequency facial tightening treatment depend on the area(s) treated and the device used.

Faical Radiofrequency Treatment

How it works

RF waves heat the deep layer of your skin to between 122 and 167°F (50–75°C). StudiesTrusted Source have found that maintaining a temperature over 115°F (46°C) for over 3 minutes causes your body to release heat-shock proteins. These proteins stimulate your body to create new collagen fibers. The procedure normally takes less than an hour and should be nearly painless.


One of the main benefits of radiofrequency is that it can be used to treat loose, wrinkled skin anywhere on the body without downtime.

Reducing the appearance of stretch marks, lose skin and sagging skin. Results continue to improve up to six months as new collagen develops. This treatment can also be combined with fillers, Botox, peels, lasers, light treatment.

There is only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that's your own self.

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