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What Are The Symptoms Of Rosacea?

Most cases present redness for short periods of time; however, other symptoms can develop if not treated properly, such as:

  • Visible blood vessels
  • Permanent redness
  • Stinging and burning sensations
  • Pustules and spots on the skin

What Causes Rosacea?

Although it is very common, the exact cause of Rosacea is still being studied. Many possible causes have been suggested to cause this red appearance and might be in charge of triggering the condition:

  • Extreme hot or cold weather
  • Strenuous exercise
  • Extended sun exposure
  • Spicy foods
  • Excessive consumption of alcohol and/or caffeine
  • Stress
  • Abnormalities in blood vessels
  • Genetic factors

Where Does Rosacea Happen?

This common condition can occur in different parts of your face and will need specific treatment for each part.

Under Eyes
Above Mouth
There are a variety of ways to treat Rosacea, depending upon the severity of the condition.
Let's find out what the right fit for you is!

Ways To Treat Rosacea

Before starting treatment, we will perform a skin analysis in which we can investigate your skin and find out what it needs to heal.

A more advanced treatment for treating Rosacea is light therapy using Green Light.

The green light helps to reduce the redness on the skin while giving a calming sensation that heals the dermis during the treatment.

A custom facial treatment is usually the first kind of treatment we recommend. Moisturizing your skin and giving it the essential nutrients it needs to heal properly is the first step in treating most skin conditions and Rosacea in particular. 

Once the session is over, the best thing you can do is just avoid touching the treated area at all costs. Try to remain as upright as possible and avoid vigorous facial treatments to let your skin heal properly.

Try to avoid strenuous activities and stay out of direct sun and extreme heat. 

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