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Suitable for ages 21-60

Amount of treatments needed vary by patient

Results vary by treatment and patient

Over 1,600 happy patients

Minimal to no down time

Little to no pain

Suitable for all skin types

Results within a 48 hours

What is IPL?

Intense Pulse Laser is an effective treatment for various conditions, using a single laser ray to target a specific area and give you the results you wish for. 

IPL is used to treat a variety of conditions:

  • Unwanted Hair
  • Varicose Veins
  • Hyper-pigmentation
  • Sun Damage
  • Scar Appearance
How Does IPL Work?

Moderna Laser & Med Spa uses the latest technology and devices to treat symptoms with Intense Pulse Laser. 

  • The light wavelength emitted from the device penetrates your skin deep enough to activate the skin cells in the treated area. 
  • The light and heat are absorbed in your body and act as a natural source of energy for your body to heal itself.
  • The heat eliminates any bacteria and helps to breakdown build up of harmful objects within your body and disperse them to your blood stream and eventually out of your body. 
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What IPL Treatments Are Available?

Our IPL treatments are very versatile and can help treat a myriad of conditions!

Hair Removal

Sun Damage

Varicose Veins


Acne Scars

Signs of Aging

Have any of the conditions described above? Contact us today to get them treated!

Treatments With IPL

Whatever the issue is, we’ll do our absolute best to get it resolved. 

The concentrated pulse of light emitted by the IPL machine is directed to a specific part of the body and causes minimal to no damage to the surrounding tissue, making it an ideal treatment for Varicose Veins.

The heat causes damage to the vein walls and makes it break down and shrink until it is no longer visible.

By being able to target specific skin cells, IPL is one of the safest and most effective ways to treat skin that has suffered sun damage.

Directing the pulse of light at the damaged skin cells, the heat energy emitted from the IPL device can destroy the melanin in the cell and restore your skin back to its healthy form. 

Although the causes of Rosacea are not the same for all, IPL has been proven effective in reducing the red blemishes around various areas of the face.

Our IPL technology allows for directing the light wavelengths to the exact layer of the skin that is inflammed, therefore treating the problem exactly at its source. 

Why Choose Moderna Laser?

All our treatments are administered by licensed and skilled aesthetic technicians, supervised by medical professionals. 

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Benefits of Intense Pulse LIght Treatments at Moderna Laser & Med Spa

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100% Safe
Clinically Proven Treatments
Virtually Pain Free
Long Lasting Results

Customize Your Plan

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