Eyelash Extensions

Wake up every morning with long, beautiful eyelashes and a boost of confidence. Lash Extensions are great for busy people on the go. Just imagine being able to go out the door without mascara.

Quick & Easy Procedure

Resume Daily Activities Post Treatment

Safe, Effective & Noninvasive

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Lash extensions create extra length and volume with a completely natural appearance.  Lashes are applied individually to your own eyelashes and are customizable for length and amount of curl. The application is safe and non-intrusive in a comfortable, relaxing atmosphere.

Lash extensions need to be filled in (just like a nail fill) about every two weeks, depending on the natural growth cycle of your own eyelashes.

The bonding agent used is semi-permanent and will not irritate your eyes or damage your lashes.

Lashes Tailored to You

How it works

The extensions come in a variety of materials including silk, mink, faux mink and other synthetic options.  The price varies depending on choice of lash material.

They also come in sets of 50-60 lashes, 65-80 lashes or 80-100 lashes. And you can choose your length and type of curl, based on the look you are tying to achieve.


Our Master Lash Artists will create your custom lash look – tailored to suit your eye shape. From babydoll to cat-eye – our expert team will guide you.

There is only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that's your own self.

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