Collagen Repair Facial

Collagen promotes hydration capabilities and moisturizing effects, increases skins firmness and elasticity and smooth's out fine line effectively. It repairs, firms and helps to minimize the appearance of fine lines. A special European organic herb plant that contains flavonoids, phenolic acids and tannins ingredients, which are good for soothing sensitive skin and have repairing efficacy.

Renew cells and tissues

Increase skin’s firmness and elasticity

Multi-functional peptides

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Collagen gives your face a fresh and volumized look and is a key component of healthy skin. The skin comprises close to 80% of collagen. It is a protein that is woven together with the help of vitamin C to create a flexible, supple network. Over time, this network begins to thin, usually due to genetics, sun exposure, and less robust production of collagen by the skin. This results in a gradual but noticeable loss of volume and tightness. Read on as we discuss how to address this and rebuild collagen in your face.

Collagen Repair Treatment

How it works

Collagen is a vital protein that is necessary for the health and elasticity of our skin. When collagen is damaged, skin can sag or wrinkle. This is a major reason why skin ages. At Moderna Laser Spa we have many options and offer the best Fort Lauderdale anti-aging treatments.


Further studies have shown that even a few months of tretinoin treatment can improve collagen levels in the skin and result in clinically appreciable endpoints, such as improved tightness and texture.

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