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Why Winter is the Perfect Time for Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is a great way to permanently reduce unwanted body and facial hair. But when is the best time of year for laser hair removal? The answer may surprise you—it’s actually wintertime! Here’s why winter is the ideal season for laser hair removal.

No Sun Exposure
The most important factor to consider when getting laser hair removal is making sure you don’t get any sun exposure before or after your treatment. Sun exposure can make laser treatments less effective, and it can also increase your risk of skin damage. During wintertime, there are fewer hours of daylight, which means you have more time to avoid direct sunlight while still enjoying the outdoors. Plus, when temperatures are cooler in the winter, it’s easier to stay out of direct sunlight during peak hours (usually 10am-2pm).

Longer Lasting Results
wintertime also offers longer lasting results with laser hair removal. This is because hormone levels tend to be lower in the winter due to people being more physically active. One study showed that people who got laser hair removal during winter had better results than those who got it done in summer and autumn. So if you want longer lasting results from your laser treatments, aim for late winter or early spring.

Suitable for ages 13 and over

Amount of treatments needed vary by patient

Long-lasting results

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All things considered, winter is truly an ideal time for laser hair removal! With fewer hours of daylight and cooler temperatures, you have more opportunities to avoid sun exposure while still enjoying outdoor activities like hiking or ski. Plus, hormone levels tend to be lower in the wintertime so you can get longer lasting results from each session! So if you’re thinking about getting laser hair removal this year, consider scheduling an appointment in the winter or early spring for optimal results.

What Areas Of The Body Can Be Treated?

Our pain-free Laser Hair Removal treatments are quick, easy, and over in a flash!

Bikini Line
Chest & Back
Under Arms
Our Laser Hair Removal technology is suitable for all skin types and hair types!

About The Process

We’re right here with you, step by step. 

Avoid sun exposure as much as
possible before each treatment.

Make sure you shave the treated area
within 24 hours of your appointment. 

Remove all makeup, skin products, or
topicals prior to the treatment.

The treated area will be prepped by your skilled technician to ensure a concentrated session.

Depending upon the area that is treated, sessions average 15-30 minutes.

Unlike other providers, our sessions are completely pain-free!

Once the session is over, we will apply a calming gel to speed up your skin’s healing.

Make sure to keep the treated area out of the sun for at least a week.

You’ll notice that hair in the treated area will start falling out within 3 weeks. 

Why Choose Moderna Laser?

All our treatments are administered by licensed and skilled aesthetic technicians, supervised by medical professionals. 

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